Getting the Story Straight

Society is usually schizophrenic in the ways it treats youth. But once in a while, it goes from being schizophrenic to actually telling the truth. That truth is hidden though, and today I want to expose it. I usually try to leave these complicating exposures to the individuals and organizations that are very good atContinue reading “Getting the Story Straight”

Student Voice Research Meeting

Today I travelled to New York City at the request of Robert Sherman from Surdna Foundation. He asked that I participate in a meeting called by Francine Joselowsky of the Academy for Educational Development to discuss “youth engagement in education reform.” It is always interesting for me to get involved in national scene activities, particularlyContinue reading “Student Voice Research Meeting”

Partnering with Students

Radical. Revolutionary. Inconceivable. Unnecessary. These words hang like trophies on the mantle of student-inclusive school change, not because they are particularly honorable or grandiose, but because these accusations have been proven untrue.  Today, in schools around the world, Meaningful Student Involvement engages students as active and empowered partners in inclusive, interdependent school change. This meansContinue reading “Partnering with Students”

Listening to Students in School Improvement

Listening to students can have an important role in education reform. It can provide the essential foundation from which education leaders can develop informed opinions and take practical action for school change.  Limitations There are a variety of limitations to simply listening to students, but not engaging them as partners in school change. One limitationContinue reading “Listening to Students in School Improvement”

Research Supporting Meaningful Student Involvement

There is a body of literature that broadly summarizes, examines, and assesses Meaningful Student Involvement. I have collected that which pays particular attention to the roles of students in school change. Meaningful Student Involvement is the process of engaging the knowledge, experience and perspectives of students in every facet of the educational process for theContinue reading “Research Supporting Meaningful Student Involvement”

Resources for Meaningful Student Involvement

Central to what Thomas Jefferson called the “grand experiment” of democracy in the United States is the public school. It is a place where civic roles, government responsibility and social values are taught to young people.  In many schools, education is still seen as preparatory, a form of readiness training on every citizen’s hypothetical roadmap toContinue reading “Resources for Meaningful Student Involvement”