Promote Youth Engagement in Organizations

How to Promote Youth Engagement in Organizations 1) Share Youth Engagement. Talk with your supervisor, Executive Director, board members, and other decision-makers. Build support by talking to staff members about youth engagement. Train young people about youth engagement, why it matters, and how they can experience it more. Research resources that might help different peopleContinue reading “Promote Youth Engagement in Organizations”

Ways Young People Change The World

There are many roles in democracy-building by youth. Following are several different opportunities for young people to take action. 23 Ways Young People Can Change the World Children and Youth as Facilitators. Knowledge comes from study, experience, and reflection. Engaging young people as teachers helps reinforce their commitment to learning and the subject they areContinue reading “Ways Young People Change The World”

The Need to Take Action for Schools

I don’t advocate for “free children”. Almost a century ago, English author and educator A. S. Neill wrote, “Free children are not easily influenced; the absence of fear accounts for this phenomenon. Indeed, the absence of fear is the finest thing that can happen to a child.” It was in 2001 that I was sittingContinue reading “The Need to Take Action for Schools”

30 Places for Student Voice in Schools

Recently, I was training a group of high school students and adults in schools when they asked me about a previous post I wrote called, “Locating Student Voice.” They wanted me to be more specific and name exactly which activities in school could engage student voice. Being the facilitator I am, I flipped the questionContinue reading “30 Places for Student Voice in Schools”

Hard Lessons In Student Voice

Today I was talking with some program administrators from a state education agency about student voice when one of them brought up doing “fishbowl”-style activities with students and adults. I remembered some hard lessons about student voice, and I want to share one story with with you here. How long can adults expect to keepContinue reading “Hard Lessons In Student Voice”

Seattle Youth Media Camp

Participants from the 2012 Seattle Youth Media Camp. Last spring I started exploring the possibilities for Freechild to get involved with a youth-led program this summer. In April, I struck a partnership with Social Moguls, a program created and led by Sekai Senwosret, CommonAction’s vice-president. She connected me to What’s Good 206, a youth-led videoContinue reading “Seattle Youth Media Camp”

Why Adultism Must Stop

Just over 200 years ago, sociology was born. As a science, it hadn’t existed before that in any substantive way. Within 50 years, sociologists had imposed their scientific conceptualization onto education, which emerged as a field in the late 19th century. Pedagogy, which is the science of education, didn’t exist until then. Both sociology andContinue reading “Why Adultism Must Stop”

Adultism In Schools

This post is an excerpt from my forthcoming Complete Guide to Adultism on what adultism looks like in schools. Adultism is the reason schools exist. When children and youth packed factories, farm fields, mines, and service jobs around the western world in the late 19th century, many adults could not find jobs. This caused adultsContinue reading “Adultism In Schools”

Get Walking: Why Your Life Can’t Wait

Adam’s Note: I originally wrote this in 2008. Still fits, so I’m going to share it with you! When I was young I thought education was an A + B = C journey. As an adult I have found there is more than one way to learn what I need to know in order toContinue reading “Get Walking: Why Your Life Can’t Wait”

Stop Beating Kids: Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools

Spanking Slapping Smacking Pulling ears Pinching Shaking Hitting with rulers, belts, wooden spoons, extension cords, slippers, hairbrushes, pins, sticks, whips, rubber hoses, flyswatters, wire hangers, stones, bats, canes, or paddles Forcing a child to stand for a long time Forcing a child to stay in an uncomfortable position Forcing a child to stand motionless ForcingContinue reading “Stop Beating Kids: Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools”