Freechild Activity for YOUR Classrom

I think I’ve mentioned the new series on youth activism coming out from the Capstone Press? Last month I finished consulting on a four book series for middle school students, each focused on topics like social justice, the environment, and animal rights. Well, I’m excited to note that I just found out that McGraw-Hill, aContinue reading “Freechild Activity for YOUR Classrom”

Looking for New Visions of Youth Leadership

It is difficult for me to listen to the experts and professionals preach about “youth leadership“. There is an inherent dilemma in that phrase and in the practices behind it that is repulsive. I have not met a program that bills itself as a youth leadership program that teaches young people how to survive theContinue reading “Looking for New Visions of Youth Leadership”

Defining Community Service

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea Felix, and in a few months I am joining CommonAction’s team in Seattle. I am currently finishing the last months of my two year stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer supporting the National Youth Council of Dominica. Before my time as a PCV I was the manager of YouthContinue reading “Defining Community Service”

The Problem of Service Learning

I think exploring the meaning of the words we use in this work is important. Too often I hear cynical adults say that we’re all talking about the same thing, doing the same thing. That must be like the feeling I get when I’m walking through the mall looking at the stores that all sellContinue reading “The Problem of Service Learning”