Cycle: Reflection on Meaningful Involvement

The Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement. Engaging students in roles normally reserved for educators, new opportunities for learning, analysis, and critical thinking emerge. Talking with students about the action they take is an important way to support their ability to make sense of what happens to them. Putting language to experiences is a process weContinue reading “Cycle: Reflection on Meaningful Involvement”

Cycle: Taking Action

The Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement. Moving from rhetoric to reality, taking action is a substantive way to demonstrate the Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement. When Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” he was not speaking in a passive sense. Instead, he was calling anyone who is committed toContinue reading “Cycle: Taking Action”

Cycle: Authorizing Students

The Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement Looking at the core of this word, the Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement insists that educators provide students with the opportunity to author their own stories. This means being able to speak the truth, create our own myths, and learn the lessons life shares. Educators often take for grantedContinue reading “Cycle: Authorizing Students”

Cycle: Validating Students

It is as if students occupy a dichotomy in society where their voices are either completely worshipped or totally dismissed, and worse still, sometimes fully repressed. Mainstream media frequently place student voice on a pedestal, highlighting the “outrageous” things kids say or making the opinions and ideas of students into the flavor of the dayContinue reading “Cycle: Validating Students”

Cycle: Listen to Students

The Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement. Listening to students is something that anyone who has regular contact with students thinks they do every day. Asking students when the last time was they actually felt heard can reveal some different opinions though. Listening is the first step in the Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement. Separately StudentsContinue reading “Cycle: Listen to Students”

Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement

The Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement. Introduction to the Cycle Listen, validate, authorize, act, and reflect. These are not radical concepts unfamiliar to seasoned educators. However, while it is true that educators intuitively go through these steps with students every single day, it can be challenging to keep them in focus while going through theContinue reading “Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement”

In Modern Schools…

Today, I finished a series of thumbnails for the SoundOut facebook page. They emphasize the research-driven results I’ve discovered over a decade of researching the premise of Meaningful Student Involvement. Here’s the monograph I wrote called Meaningful Student Involvement Research, which focuses on some of those findings, and following are the thumbnails. What do you think?Continue reading “In Modern Schools…”

21st Century Community Learning Centers

This week I’m facilitating two sessions at Washington State’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers conference. Its an annual event held in different locations across the state, with it being in Ellensburg this year. I have presented at several states’ conferences in the past, and I’m excited to be here again this year, too. My twoContinue reading “21st Century Community Learning Centers”

Quote from Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget wrote, “The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done; men and women who are creative, inventive and discoverers, who can be critical and verify, and not accept, everything they are offered.” SoundOutContinue reading “Quote from Jean Piaget”