Scott Le Duc Is The Most Awesome Facilitator

Scott Le Duc and I have been comrades in arms since 2002, when we shared offices at Generation YES here in Olympia. Since then, we’ve schemed and dreamed, and facilitated together for days at a time across the US. A veteran teacher at Capital High School here in Olympia, I’ve visited his classroom and volunteeredContinue reading “Scott Le Duc Is The Most Awesome Facilitator”

Mike Beebe’s Roundtables

Here’s a note from CommonAction consultant Mike Beebe. We highly recommend all his activities to anyone interested, and suggest you contact him directly for more information! Hi friends and colleagues,  I am excited to announce that I will be offering two opportunities this fall to be part of one of my Roundtables. I will beContinue reading “Mike Beebe’s Roundtables”