Student Voice Research Meeting

Today I travelled to New York City at the request of Robert Sherman from Surdna Foundation. He asked that I participate in a meeting called by Francine Joselowsky of the Academy for Educational Development to discuss “youth engagement in education reform.” It is always interesting for me to get involved in national scene activities, particularlyContinue reading “Student Voice Research Meeting”

How to Stop Students from Dropping Out

Want to know how to stop a student from dropping out of school? Ask them. At the center of a new cauldron of education reform discussion is an emerging debate about the role of student engagement in school improvement. This conversation concerns itself with the levels of phsycologicial, social, emotional, and intellectual investment students possessContinue reading “How to Stop Students from Dropping Out”

SoundOut: Serving the School as Community

I wrote this article for the Spring 2006 edition of the ServiceLine Journal, a defunct newsletter originally published by Kate McPherson of Project Service Leadership, then published by Educational Service District 112 in Vancouver, Washington. The agenda of schools is routinely set by adults. “Educating the future workforce,” “Promoting a better tomorrow,” and even, “MakingContinue reading “SoundOut: Serving the School as Community”

Students as Teachers

To teach is to learn twice. – Joseph Joubert (1782)  Several out-of-school youth-serving programs have engaged young people as teachers for more than 100 years.  Organizations including 4-H, the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts have long relied on the merits of youth-led classes to teach young women and men of all ages significant life lessons and invaluable skills.Continue reading “Students as Teachers”