CommonAction on Social Media

There are many ways for people to work social media. A lot individuals follow a “Self-As-Brand” model, where an individual persona becomes the marketable aspect of a product or service. Another is the “One Big Name” model, which lumps everything about an individual or organization’s name and all the things they do. One of theContinue reading “CommonAction on Social Media”

Youth Power in 2012

Long-ranging, deep, effective social change largely happens through communication, people talking with people. Education and entertainment are tools of manipulation as well as enlightenment, and they work to change society.  In mainstream social change, the 1960s and 70s hippies in the U.S. relied on educating their peers and young people in order to bring moreContinue reading “Youth Power in 2012”


According to the ever-definitive Urban Dictionary, oversharing is “providing more personal information than is absolutely necessary.” Named word of the year in 2008, its a phenomenom of modern times, brought to us by texting, twittering, blogging, Facebook and other social networking mediums. In popular culture so far, we’ve seen oversharing expose inner-most thoughts about relationships, ruinContinue reading “Oversharing”

True Story: Senior fights Gaggle Net

The following editorial written by a hero of mine, Adam King, who is a senior at A. C. Reynolds High School in Asheville, North Carolina. I don’t call Adam a hero easily; he’s earned it. Read the following screed and find out why student voice is alive in schools today. “The Stupidity of Gaggle Net”LetterContinue reading “True Story: Senior fights Gaggle Net”

Wikipedia Articles

After spending three years and 100s of hours on the cause I am wrapping up my time served as a-lot-of-time Wikipedia editor. Contributing as “Freechild” and a few anonymous IP addresses, I have created more than 400 articles, including dozens about the issues I originally explored on the Freechild Project website. Following are some ofContinue reading “Wikipedia Articles”

Youth Marketing Blogs Tangent #3

In my continuing saga to rid the world of the crass commercialization of youth and the marketing of homogeneity, I would like to bring your attention back to YPulse. As some of you remember from my other forays into this conversation, I’ve got beef with people who sell youth, sell to youth, and promote theContinue reading “Youth Marketing Blogs Tangent #3”

Freechild Activity for YOUR Classrom

I think I’ve mentioned the new series on youth activism coming out from the Capstone Press? Last month I finished consulting on a four book series for middle school students, each focused on topics like social justice, the environment, and animal rights. Well, I’m excited to note that I just found out that McGraw-Hill, aContinue reading “Freechild Activity for YOUR Classrom”

Interesting Promotion

A new social bookmarking website called Mister Wong has interviewed me and is currently featuring my youth and student involvement-related bookmarks on their frontpage. Check it out. Following is the bio they included on the site: At the age of 14 Adam Fletcher led an environmental justice campaign in his local high school. Since thenContinue reading “Interesting Promotion”

A Future So Bright…

Who do they write these articles for? In a recent edition of Fast Company, a “cutting edge” business magazine, editors paired up a high school student from California with a corporate scientist to talk about technology. They chose a senior from a private religious school tucked away by a golf course in the Bay Area.Continue reading “A Future So Bright…”

Netsquared Interview with Adam Fletcher

Youth And The Web: Adam Fletcher From Free Child Project Originally posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on January 12, 2006 at 8:20pm at The Olympia, Washington based Free Child Project engages in a large number of activities to support youth led social change. Their mission reads: The Freechild Project seeks to advocate, inform, and celebrate socialContinue reading “Netsquared Interview with Adam Fletcher”