Student Voice in Europe, Pt 1

In the late 1990s the Swedish education agency invited all new high school students across the country to be part of a process that identified new educational priorities and develop new school policies for their nation. More than 200 students said they wanted to do it. Students were asked to send letters that explained whatContinue reading “Student Voice in Europe, Pt 1”

Worth Repeating: Warning: your children are not in danger

This article from London’s The Independent is worth repeating. Joan Bakewell, a respected television personality who was born in 1933, wrote the piece and it was published yesterday. We need to grab a hold of the support of anyone who stands alongside young people as an ally and advocate, and I think Bakewell is aContinue reading “Worth Repeating: Warning: your children are not in danger”

When Students Get Deep

I have been zealously reading about and trying to learn about the breadth of student voice work across the United Kingdom. Its lead to some really exciting finds, a new partnership, and some frustrating dead-ends. The cool stuff? Student Project for Teaching and Learning (SPLAT) – A group of high school-age students working with adultsContinue reading “When Students Get Deep”

Student Voice Starts Where…?

Here is a blog from a bunch of sixth-grade students in the UK. They are at a conference, talking about what they want from schools. Keep in mind here that while they are from a school and a nation where the student involvement conversation are real: Laws, policies, structures, research, and evaluations continuously seek toContinue reading “Student Voice Starts Where…?”


There are many issues that youth voice can address. While my analysis has been widely casted, covering everything from social justice to youth rights to education reform, it is important for me to be informed by the broadest ideas out there. The possibilities for engaging young people throughout society are endless, both in terms ofContinue reading “Contest!”