Change the World through Wikipedia

It’s a quiet night in the middle of winter when you surf Wikipedia over to your favorite subject. Lately you’ve been obsessed. Reading the regular “blah, blah, blah” you’d expect in an encyclopedia, suddenly your eyes come across something you know is wrong, and you want to fix it. Stumbling through the clunky interface ofContinue reading “Change the World through Wikipedia”

In Favor of Adultism?

Over at Wikipedia there’s a debate flaring over the article on adultism. Two trains of thought occur in this debate: one regarding the validity of the article and whether there are enough reliable sources in the article to make it a legitimate Wikipedia article; the second focused on the validity of adultism as a topicContinue reading “In Favor of Adultism?”

Am I a Bad Wikipedia Editor?

As I look deeper into the issue of anti-youth bias on Wikipedia, I find that I am frequently the target of these AfDs and TfDs. An editor called Herostratus called me out directly in a recent AfD, writing, It’s a Freechild special, and it’s an advocacy article (a particularly noxious form of advocacy to my mind…) Freechild isContinue reading “Am I a Bad Wikipedia Editor?”

Anti-Youth Bias on Wikipedia

Tonight I’ve been thinking about the anti-youth bias on Wikipedia. Systemic bias is a serious charge on Wikipedia. According to the special project page about the topic on Wikipedia, systemic bias “…naturally grows from its contributors’ demographic groups, manifesting an imbalanced coverage of a subject, thereby discriminating against the less represented demographic groups.” This is especiallyContinue reading “Anti-Youth Bias on Wikipedia”

Wikipedia is Our Friend

More than five years ago I registered on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that anybody can edit. Since then I have created more than 500 articles there, with more than 100 being featured on the front page of the website. I frequently refer to Wikipedia, not as an expert source of information, but as aContinue reading “Wikipedia is Our Friend”

Wikipedia Articles

After spending three years and 100s of hours on the cause I am wrapping up my time served as a-lot-of-time Wikipedia editor. Contributing as “Freechild” and a few anonymous IP addresses, I have created more than 400 articles, including dozens about the issues I originally explored on the Freechild Project website. Following are some ofContinue reading “Wikipedia Articles”

“Use the Web to go beyond the Web”

MySpace, Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and myriad other technologies are changing the surface of democratic youth engagement for a large minority of American young people today. They are making democracy a real, tangible, and experiential reality for a lot of youth (although not calling it that). If my work with Freechild over the last 6Continue reading ““Use the Web to go beyond the Web””