Excellent Facilitation: Be a Facilitator

There’s a difference between a teacher, a speaker, a preacher, and a facilitator. A facilitator’s job has three parts. Lead the gathering or group Guide towards goals Lead by example A excellent facilitator always starts by setting the tone of the group. A facilitator is not expected to know it all, nor are they expectedContinue reading “Excellent Facilitation: Be a Facilitator”

Be An Excellent Facilitator: Before You Start

Groups can be rough. Okay, okay, not really – all of them can be supremely useful. But when things go bad, and frequently they do, groups can be counterproductive and actually work against the very things they were designed to do. After teaching folks how to successfully facilitate these types of gatherings for the lastContinue reading “Be An Excellent Facilitator: Before You Start”

Meaningful Youth Engagement in Miami

These last few days I had the honor of going to Miami for an exciting opportunity to consult Catalyst Miami, aka the Human Services Coalition of Miami/Dade County, and to facilitate a day long seminar on meaningful youth engagement. You may have already read my post on consulting spectacular people doing awesome work, or gettingContinue reading “Meaningful Youth Engagement in Miami”

Make Learning Meaningful

There are hundreds of manuals and workbooks and binders out there about how to teach and train young people, with most of them being well-intended and sometimes interesting. I’m guilty of writing more than one. But sometimes I forget to boil it down to its essence, the point. Here are three elements for how toContinue reading “Make Learning Meaningful”

Enough Rope To…

What does it mean when youth voice programs send young people into situations where we know there are hostile adults or complex problems that need preparations that young people don’t have? Recently a close friend told me about a situation where her brother had the opportunity to speak in front of the city council aboutContinue reading “Enough Rope To…”

Youth 2 Youth Forum

I wanted to let you all know about a powerful example that we should all follow in our local communities. Simply reading the announcement, you can see young people working with adults to make youth voice heard and active. That’s powerful. If you’re in NYC, go to this event and let me know what youContinue reading “Youth 2 Youth Forum”

Youth Voice Surveys

“No, I thought my program was the only one doing that!”“There is no way that foundation will give us that much money.”“They wouldn’t know which way is up if we hadn’t told them.” Everyday youth voice programs act in autonomy. Each one acts as if it was the only youth voice program in its city,Continue reading “Youth Voice Surveys”