5 Ways You Can Help Youth This Holiday

Want to help youth this year? There are budget cuts all over the country, crime against youth is rising, youth joblessness is booming, youth homelessness is rising, more young people are dropping out of schools than ever before… Reality shows that young people have a ways to go towards equity and parity with adults. HereContinue reading “5 Ways You Can Help Youth This Holiday”

Peter Levine’s Rule for Organizers

Peter Levine is the director of CIRCLE, the nation’s foremost research organization committed to youth civic engagement. He’s a great person, and I’ve enjoyed the limited conversations we have had in the past. Studying this stuff all the time affords Peter some insights that I think we can all learn from, and the other dayContinue reading “Peter Levine’s Rule for Organizers”

The Role of Intensity in Youth Activism

Empowering young people to create social change happens best in intensely personal, intensely local, intensely focused opportunities that engage children and youth in deliberate, meaningful action and learning. None of these things can happen independently of each other. One of the best examples illustrating this is a recent entry on the Highlander Center blog thatContinue reading “The Role of Intensity in Youth Activism”

A National Youth Union?

Recently I’ve been talking with Richard Lewis, a community activist in California who is leading a group called Grupo Amistad. Richard has been piling together a pile of youth-oriented organizations from across the US in the last several months, working to develop several initiatives towards creating a national youth union. In my discussions with Richard,Continue reading “A National Youth Union?”