Why Adultism Must Stop

Just over 200 years ago, sociology was born. As a science, it hadn’t existed before that in any substantive way. Within 50 years, sociologists had imposed their scientific conceptualization onto education, which emerged as a field in the late 19th century. Pedagogy, which is the science of education, didn’t exist until then. Both sociology andContinue reading “Why Adultism Must Stop”

The Bones Of Justice / The Capacity Of Youth

The tides of discrimination wash back and forth over the bones of justice. Whitewashing reality happens every day, as people conveniently forget what they do not want to remember, and coincidentally recall the most minute details at the perfect moment in time. Keeping these things in mind helps recall how some become the oppressors, andContinue reading “The Bones Of Justice / The Capacity Of Youth”

Supporting Adults in Youth Work

There are a lot of reasons to support youth engagement, including it’s affects on young people and the larger communities they’re part of. Today I want to share an excellent opportunity to find out how youth engagement affects adults and to support them in the process. Kyla Lackie of Seattle’s SOAR (http://www.childrenandyouth.org/) and I areContinue reading “Supporting Adults in Youth Work”

Hatred Of Youth Is Real

Antipathy is extreme dislike or hate. Antipathy toward youth is spreading wider throughout our society than ever before. Often cloaked in cynicism, antipathy is a dangerously current phenomenon. Politicians mocks young people, teachers eschew their jobs, and even parents share a kind of pathetic “buyers remorse” for the people they brought into the world. There are allContinue reading “Hatred Of Youth Is Real”

Adults Fighting Adultism Part Three Point Five

More than ever, adults need to understand that the roles of young people need to change throughout society. The radical problems we face need radical solutions, and the only hope for actually conceiving and carrying out those radical possibilities comes in the form of the youngest among us: children and youth, for whom anything is possibleContinue reading “Adults Fighting Adultism Part Three Point Five”

Youth Integration vs. Youth Mainstreaming

Yesterday I introduced “youth mainstreaming” as the deliberate movement to increase the awareness and participation of young people throughout society. While UNESCO and European government literature increasingly focuses on this phenomenon, it is not a popular term in North America. However, after reading about it and having conversations with colleagues I have come to understand that whileContinue reading “Youth Integration vs. Youth Mainstreaming”

Youth Mainstreaming

“Youth mainstreaming” is a deliberate movement to increase the awareness and participation of young people throughout society. It’s a term I’ve run across in European youth literature, and one of several terms UNESCO uses that aren’t popular in the U.S. Youth mainstreaming seems to be an emerging idea whose time is coming. There is a fairlyContinue reading “Youth Mainstreaming”

Funding Youth Involvement

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with a colleague whose youth involvement program is being devastated by funding cuts. In addition to forcing her to leave her job, this is also going to directly affect the dozens of young people she works with and the community they serve through their youth involvement activities. ThisContinue reading “Funding Youth Involvement”