10 Steps To Youth Integration

Challenging youth segregation can be tricky. Anyone who advocates for youth involvement, youth engagement, youth voice, youth empowerment, or youth rights is ultimately calling for the same this: the integration of young people in our society. As it stands, young people are routinely segregated from a lot of places. This includes the institutions that serve themContinue reading “10 Steps To Youth Integration”

Ending Youth Voice

There aren’t too many deliberate attempts out there to stifle youth voice. But without knowing it, many adults unconsciously undermine their own attempts to promote the unique perspectives of young people on their own lives. A while back I wrote an advisement for all youth voice practitioners designed to raise our consciousness about the thingsContinue reading “Ending Youth Voice”

5 Steps to Integrate Youth

Nike, Levi’s, and a lot of other brands that sell things to youth have realized that the secret to marketing to youth is personalization: Let them help design it, and young people will spend a lot for it. At the same time, many websites allow young users to develop sophisticated personal profiles, letting them connectContinue reading “5 Steps to Integrate Youth”

The Time for Youth Engagement is NOW

Its time to get real about youth engagement. Faced with hard times, we need to speak truth to power. This post is my attempt to acknowledge the obvious. Reading the news lately, its easy to get hopeless if you’re not careful. Federal and state budgets for essential services affecting children and youth are getting slashed,Continue reading “The Time for Youth Engagement is NOW”

Listening to Youth Without Responding

Question: What is the best way to engage young people who have been consulted many times but never actually listened to? And how can you do so within a tight budget! The challenge you mention is increasingly common Kelly. Well-meaning, but poorly informed, adults are listening to youth voice without the knowledge or ability toContinue reading “Listening to Youth Without Responding”

Youth-Driven Programming Dos and Don’ts

Interested in owning your own copy of these dos and don’ts? Find them in our new… The Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide This is a short checklist for Youth-Driven Programming. I wrote it for nonprofits, schools, and other organizations that want to ensure their activities are meaningful for young people. You can own your ownContinue reading “Youth-Driven Programming Dos and Don’ts”

Changing Roles of Young People

Why should only affable white boys get to be seen as theyoung captains of industry? It seems that the story of human existence is one of innovation and transformation. Through epochs everything changes, from the earliest homo erectus though to today, and onward into tomorrow. Despite concentrating on industry, art, technology, and culture as theContinue reading “Changing Roles of Young People”

Youth Segregation

Youth segregation rages across western society. Moving young people into full-time schools, part time afterschool programs for children and youth, youth-exclusive work environments, youth-isolated commercial spaces, and excluding them from public, democratic duties and spaces is creating a crisis of purpose, possibilities, and hope in our times, right now. Youth segregation is terrible for ourContinue reading “Youth Segregation”

Making Adultism Okay

In many settings today, there is an increasing amount of attention towards racial, gender, and other forms of discrimination. However, little is made of a very real form of discrimination that is undermining a lot of well-meaning educators’ work with students today: adultism. In my new book, Ending Discrimination Against Young People, I define adultism inContinue reading “Making Adultism Okay”

Ways Adults See Youth

There are many, many ways that adults see young people. For more than a decade I have been working with young people and adults to reveal those different ways. We have uncovered adults perceptions of youth, the ways youth are treated in adult programs and organizations, and ways to stop youth from being engaged atContinue reading “Ways Adults See Youth”