Exploring Internalized Adultism

Ya know what makes adultism so terrible? It is so friggin’ pervasive. Everywhere I look, every time I see adults and children and youth interacting, it is there. Stores? Yep. Daycare? Yep. Schools? Oh yeah. Adultism is so everywhere that I often hear myself in the middle of saying something adultist to my three-year-old beforeContinue reading “Exploring Internalized Adultism”

Connecting Adultism and Commercialism

Working on my final edits for the Washington Youth Voice Handbook I stumbled across a connection that I want to share with you. In my past rants against commercialism, I have had a difficult time making clear connections between adultism and commercialism. However, I think I’m getting closer: Young people know things about young people,Continue reading “Connecting Adultism and Commercialism”

Interview on Public Eye Radio

Tonight I spoke with a Canadian radio broadcast from B.C. about lowering the national voting age there. It seems there is a conference of municiple leaders there, and they have a serious proposal on the table to suggest the federal parliment to lower the voting age. Its always strange being a talking head, disconnected fromContinue reading “Interview on Public Eye Radio”