Supportive Environments for Youth

Creating a safe and supportive environment is essential for engaging students in a community service program, organization, or throughout a community. The environment includes everything around youth, including the culture, structures, and climate of the organizations they volunteer in and learn from. The vast majority of programs, organizations or communities that seek to engage youth as volunteers are adult-driven, which makes it vital forContinue reading “Supportive Environments for Youth”

Youth Volunteerism Links

Want to learn more about what children and youth are doing to make a different in the world around them? Check out the following websites!  Every program here is part of a broad international movement promoting youth volunteering, action, and empowerment.   Child Friendly Cities (CFC) – A UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre initiative that focuses on youth involvement throughoutContinue reading “Youth Volunteerism Links”

New Roles for Youth Volunteers

It’s not just about showing up for the project! With the development of new technology, new learning experiences, and different avenues for participation throughout our communities, young people have assumed, been assigned, and have co-created new roles for youth volunteers. Youth volunteers today have so many others ways they can contribute to our communities. CheckContinue reading “New Roles for Youth Volunteers”

Establishing Trust with Youth

Trust is a tricky concept for me to spell out, particularly in its relationship to Youth Voice. Across our society we do not generally value trust between young people and adults. Instead, we live in a culture that routinely distrusts children and youth. Our punitive laws are focused on punishment, exclusion and isolation, rather thanContinue reading “Establishing Trust with Youth”

Youth Development, Youth Service and Youth Rights

Somewhere out there in the Ether there is an tussle among youth workers. In this battle of wills and ego, its youth development versus youth service versus youth rights. I was historically engaged in this discussion; however, over the last few years I’ve come to seen this non-dialogue as passé and even trite. It now seems almostContinue reading “Youth Development, Youth Service and Youth Rights”