Youth Conferences

Youth conferences are a peculiar thing. When they are done well, they are done really well. When they are otherwise, well, they usually stink. Case in point: On a recent November saturday in San Jose, California, more than 1300 girls attended a day-long young women’s empowerment conference hosted by Girls for a Change. There wereContinue reading “Youth Conferences”

The Myth of “Neutral” Youth Work

I was presenting to a group of youth workers last week and talking about the politics affecting young people today. Typically in these conversations I will hear that youth are not political, and that adults shouldn’t confuse them with politics. I usually share some of the ways politics affect young people, including education, social serviceContinue reading “The Myth of “Neutral” Youth Work”

Making Involvement Meaningful

What makes involvement meaningful? The Freechild website insinuates that any activity led by young people inherently makes that activity meaningful for young people. Similarly, we allude to any topic being choosen by young people as being meaningful for young people to address. Are those assumptions true? I believe that the reality is that anyone canContinue reading “Making Involvement Meaningful”