DMV Crash Crisis Reaches Fever Pitch!

For years I’ve been reading media analyses of youth issues by renowned scholars and academics like Henry Giroux and Mike Males. A post on Facebook by a friend of mine inspires my first chance to share an observation of my own called, “DMV Crash Crisis Reaches Fever Pitch!” For years the public has been bombardedContinue reading “DMV Crash Crisis Reaches Fever Pitch!”

All Relationships Are a Mirror

So many different attitudes are projected onto young people, and always have been, positively and negatively. Speaking about young people during the classical era he lived in, Greek philosopher Socrates supposedly said, “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place ofContinue reading “All Relationships Are a Mirror”

Reaching Further with Youth Engagement

Sometimes inspiration is all that’s needed. Last night I facilitated a group of 20 youth and 6 adults at a 2.5 hour youth forum in rural Pierce County, Washington. Their community is a mobile home park founded 25 years ago as a retirement community that has seen evolved into a neighborhood filled with a varietyContinue reading “Reaching Further with Youth Engagement”

When Communities Can’t Support Youth Engagement

Community-wide depression sucks. Growing up during my teens in a low-income neighborhood in the Midwest I experienced this reality constantly. Joblessness, empty houses, lack of city services, poor police response, and other resource deprivations were responded to by the people in our neighborhood with rampant drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, youth and adult gangs, andContinue reading “When Communities Can’t Support Youth Engagement”

A National Youth Union?

Recently I’ve been talking with Richard Lewis, a community activist in California who is leading a group called Grupo Amistad. Richard has been piling together a pile of youth-oriented organizations from across the US in the last several months, working to develop several initiatives towards creating a national youth union. In my discussions with Richard,Continue reading “A National Youth Union?”

Introducing The Freechild Project: Get Info You Need

It used to be that if you wanted to get information about young people changing the world, you’d have to know that they were doing that first. Then you’d have to look through a handful of self-serving nonprofit websites designed to hype particular types of youth-led social change. You could search a certain activity, keyword, hashtagContinue reading “Introducing The Freechild Project: Get Info You Need”