Youth Engagement Intensive Learning Session

In our Youth Engagement Intensive, participants learn about The Freechild Project, what youth engagement is and how it happens, who can be engaged and what difference it makes. This session features topics including youth voice, youth/adult partnerships, youth-driven programming, and youth-led action will be explored extensively. We will use our book, The Practice of Youth Engagement, to explore activities and issues throughout youth engagement. The Freechild Project Guide to Youth-Driven Programming will also be shared, as well as other publications from Freechild.


Participants will…
  • Learn what youth engagement is, how it happens and who it is for;
  • Critically examine current roles for youth in society and how to expand those with purpose and by design;
  • Explore pathways for engaging youth in social change;
  • Discover a variety of tools for youth engagement;
  • Create actionable, meaning-filled plans for their home, organization and community.


  • October 2016
  • January 2017
  • May 2017

Class Hours

  • 24 hours


  • Olympia, Washington


$399 and includes $99 worth of materials with registration, including…
  • The Practice of Youth Engagement
  • The Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide
  • The Freechild Project Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change
  • The Freechild Project Youth Action Guide
  • A Short Introduction to Youth Engagement in the Economy
  • A Short Guide to Holistic Youth Development

Lead Facilitator

  • Adam Fletcher, the president and CEO of CommonAction, is the lead facilitator for the Youth Engagement Intensive. The author of several books, Adam spent a decade as a youth worker, including two terms in AmeriCorps; working in local and state nonprofits; and with diverse youth in several communities. He also worked for state and federal agencies; national and international nonprofits; and as a freelance contractor before starting CommonAction.



  • Meals will be conducted as a group; breakfast and lunch are included in the cost, and you will be responsible for paying for dinners.


Additional Information

  • We will email you a reminder and workshop details the week prior to the workshop date.
  • You may cancel up to ten days prior to the session for a $99 cancellation fee.
  • CommonAction reserves the right to use all media from this workshop (photos, videos, etc.) in print and online advertising. Please notify us in writing if you do not wish to be included.
  • You must be 18 years or older to attend a CommonAction Intensive Learning Session, or 12 and older if accompanied by an adult.
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